Last June 2nd 2022, our partner Asociación con Valores organized the first multiplier event of the project at La Petxina in Valencia, Spain.

The goal of the event was to make connections with different stakeholders and broaden the project’s reach by presenting them Join Venture’s goal, activities and results. Besides, incubator’s mentors and entrepreneurs could share their own experiences and clear up questions about the project.


  • People interested in the creation of entrepreneurship projects
  • NGO workers
  • Private companies
  • Local administrations
  • 3 mixed teams of people at risk of social exclusion from the pilot incubator of the
    Joint Venture project
  • Different mentors and coaches who have participated in the pilot incubator of the
    Joint Venture project

Activities and materials

The welcome was made by the president of Asociación con Valores, Melquiades Lozano, after the reception had ended and after casual chats among the guests. He gave a brief introduction to the association and what we are achieving by our incubation program.

After a short break, Melquiades talked about the Joint Venture project and its description, goals, and outcomes were presented. He also updated the public regarding what we have done so far and the projects results reached.

Then, the entrepreneurs and mentors who had taken part in the incubator pilot program shared their insights, experiences, lessons learned, and feelings following the 12-week training period. They each had their own table to show their own business projects developed during the incubation program. Then, the business owners responded to inquiries from the other guests.

The three-hour and a half event was finally concluded with the entrepreneurs presenting their products or services to the participants and informal networking activities. People came together to share their feedback and said their goodbyes.