At the Joint Venture project, we worked over the months on two Business Handbooks.

In the first one, you will find the key aims and findings of the first Intellectual Output for Joint Venture – The Adapted Incubation Programme Design. In it you will find:

  • The Project and the Partners
  • Introduction
  • Summary of IO1.1
  • Lessons Learnt from IO1.1
  • Summary of IO1.2
  • Lessons Learnt from IO1.2
  • Next Steps

In the second Business Handbook, you will find “How to support excluded entrepreneurs: a practical guide“.

On this occasion, we present to you:

  • Introduction to the incubation methodology
  • Group building activities and teamwork
  • MODULE 1: Introduction to agile methodologies for business models design
  • MODULE 2: Business strategy and marketing plan
  • MODULE 3: Commercial plan
  • MODULE 4: Communication
  • MODULE 5: Finances