Last November 24th 2022, our partner FI Group organized a multiplier event in Barcelona, Spain.

The event was held at the headquarters of Barcelona Activa, an agency that works for the local economic development of Barcelona, whose mission is to contribute to the improvement of people’s quality of life by promoting the economic competitiveness of the city and the rebalancing of the territories, through the promotion of quality employment, the impetus for entrepreneurship and support to a plural, diverse and sustainable business fabric, from an economic, social and environmental perspective.


  • Incubators working with entrepreneurs
  • NGOs working with people at risk of social exclusion
  • Educational institutions


The event started with the reception and registration of the participants. When the reception was over, an informal chat took place between the people who came to the event and the organisers, welcoming, first, a person from Barcelona Activa, showing the business incubation activities that are carried out and their daily contact with new entrepreneurs, as well as a video summary of the functions of the Barcelona incubator.

Afterwards, the participants took their seats and FI Group staff began to show the objectives of the project, including the consortium, the duration, the status of the achievement of the objectives and the outputs achieved.

In this way the project outputs achieved were shown, including IO1, IO2 and the IO3 training sessions for entrepreneurs, indicating the duration of the sessions and part of the results obtained from the incubation process. On the other hand, the pending activities of IO3 were also shown, as well as what is expected to be achieved once IO4 is implemented.

Finally, a participative workshop was held with all the participants in which the materials used were made available, the project website was shown, and simulations were carried out.