Last November 23rd 2022, our partner CEED Bulgaria organized a multiplier event in Sofia, Bulgaria. The event was organised with the aim to spread the goals of the Joint Venture project and explain its achieved results to the public.


  • Representatives of the NGO sector
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Business professionals

Activities and materials

First, the project was presented by Stanislav Chervenkov, Deputy Executive Director at CEED Bulgaria. He shared the aims and vision of the project, the activities that have been carried out, and the challenges that have been faced, as well as the main results and their applications for the future.

The event was followed by presentations on other related issues, such as the impact of social entrepreneurs on marginalized groups or the role of NGOs in supporting social entrepreneurs.

After a coffee break, some discussions were held about the differences and similarities between green and social entrepreneurship, as well as the role of entrepreneurship in achieving sustainable development.

The day ended with a networking session among the different stakeholders who were present at the event. Under Theodora Sotirova’s moderation, stakeholders made synergies and discussed the potential for the transferability of the project results to other sectors.