📢 The Joint Venture Partnership meeting in Palermo was a complete success! This face-to-face meeting was the perfect occasion to discuss and analyze IO1, IO2 and IO3. Two days of meetings on May 12 and 13th. Overall the meeting has been really exciting and successful. All partners have succeeded in creating an atmosphere of collaboration and harmony by engaging together.

Partners from DCVS UK, FI Groups from Spain, ACV from Spain, CASA IOANA from Romania, CEED from Bulgaria and Donal Dolci from Italy collectively contributed to tasks.

1st item in the agenda: The partners reviewed the status of all IO1 documents.

2nd item in the agenda: In addition, the terminologies used for the success story book were analyzed in depth.

3rd item in the agenda: Finally the structure to be used by the partners for the online and face to face training modules was studied.